Kelly Walsh High School

KW's 'Rodstock' earns Make-A-Wish $3,611

Thanks to contributions made by Kelly Walsh High School students and faculty, $3,611 was raised for Make-A-Wish during "Rodstock," where language arts teacher Rod Mahaffey sang and played guitar. He was accompanied by KW's Duane Reimer and Jim Gunderson and NC's Jason Murdock. KW students also joined the festivities, performing one-act plays or sharing their talents with musical instruments and dance routines.

KW's student council members would like to thank Mahaffey for organizing and recruiting talent for the event and graciously allowing student council to be a part of it. Thanks also to Reimer and Mike Stedillie for all of their hard work. Without them, this event would not have been possible. Thanks to KW's administrators, Brad Diller, Kathy Neely and Sandy Cherry, who made the day possible! Kelly Walsh has amazing talent and we would like to extend thanks to all those who performed and made our performances possible, including Murdock, Gunderson, Ron Ryan, Chris Ehrlich, Katrina Rooney and Lance Robinson! Many thanks to our custodial staff who have helped pull off every event. Every member of the school played a part in helping grant Austin his wish, and they should all feel proud to be Trojans!