Park Elementary

Park second-grader's story used at Planetarium

Story Image

Chloe Kutzer, second-grader at Park Elementary, wrote a story that will be turned into an animated story in the stars that will be played before Casper Planetarium programs throughout the summer. The Planetarium held a contest looking for a circus story; Kutzer's "The Circus in the Stars" won.

Kutzer's story is about a circus train traveling around the sky looking for a circus ringmaster, clown, animals and trapeze artists to perform for a little boy patiently waiting outside of an empty tent for the circus to start.

"We are very excited about Chloe's story and applaud all of the students who took the time to write and submit great stories," Desiree Riley, of the Planetarium, wrote.

Chloe Kutzer, Park Elementary second-grader, enjoys writing and drawing. She has written five stories and is working on more. Photo taken by Jennifer Cousineau.